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+ What's the difference?

VINE is an automated notification system. For example, VINE will call, text, and/or email you if there is a change in custody status. This includes when an inmate is released from prison or is moved between prisons.

The Oregon Parole Board can notify you at least 90 days prior to an inmate's release and help you get a No Contact order added to an inmate's conditions of Post-Prison Supervision.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ How might the earliest release date change?

Earliest Release Date is not firm until closer to release. It gets updated periodically by counselors. The closer to release, the more predictable this date becomes.

What does Earliest Release Date include?
Earliest Release Date includes the sentence minus 20% Earned Time.

What is Earned Time?
Earned Time is 20% credited at the beginning of the sentence. Earned time can be lost due to infractions and counselors update earned time periodically.

What are some other programs that may move the date earlier than that?
Short Term Transitional Leave can subtract up to 120 days in addition to earned time for certain offenders. To learn more visit the DOC FAQs.

Are there other programs that may allow the offender to spend time in the community?
There are Alternative Incarceration Programs available in three institutions in Oregon that allow a small number of offenders to undergo treatment in the community. If they graduate these programs successfully they will be released earlier in addition to earned time.

Who can I talk to?

Robyn Masella
She/Her pronouns
Victims Specialist, Board of Parole & Post-Prison Supervision
(503) 945-0907
+ What can I ask Robyn about?
  • How do I stay informed?
  • What do these notifications mean?
  • Why can the release date change?
  • Will there be a parole hearing I can speak at?
  • Release plans and safety planning
  • Terms of supervision and no contact orders
  • When and where an offender will be released
  • And moreā€¦
Saydyie DeRosia
She/Her pronouns
Victim Services Coordinator, Oregon Department of Corrections
(503) 934-1113
+ What can I talk to Saydyie about?
  • The Facilitated Dialogue Program
  • General public information about the offender
  • General information regarding misconducts the offender has received
  • Programs offered and general information on if the inmate is participating in programming
  • Location and institution movement of the offender
  • Resources for victims and victim family members
  • Questions about VINE