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For victims of crime in Multnomah County

Being a victim of crime is a difficult and complicated process. You will likely have many questions while navigating the criminal justice system. Case Companion is here to help.

How can Case Companion support me?

The information on this site is a general guide to support victims as they navigate the criminal justice process. While every situation is unique and complex, Case Companion can provide a general overview of the criminal and juvenile justice process as well as tools and resources to connect you to people who can share information about the specifics in your case.

Your life has been impacted by a crime.

What happens after experiencing a traumatic incident?

Learn about the physical, cognitive, and emotional impacts you may experience. Consider taking action to support yourself during this stressful time.

Are you the victim of a crime committed by a juvenile?

Learn more about what to expect and who to contact during the juvenile justice process.

Are you a victim of crime committed by an adult?

Learn more about what to expect and who to contact during the criminal justice process.

About this Website

Case Companion is a public website for victims of crime in Multnomah County, built in collaboration with government and community partners.

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